Túi chứa đồ tiện dụng gắn lưng ghế trên xe hơi Baseus Large Garbage Bag (Túi lớn, da PU , nắm đậy kim loại có nam châm)

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Giới thiệu Túi chứa đồ tiện dụng gắn lưng ghế trên xe hơi Baseus Large Garbage Bag

tính năng cơ bản Túi chứa đồ tiện dụng gắn lưng ghế trên xe hơi Baseus Large Garbage Bag

Hình ảnh chi tiết Túi chứa đồ tiện dụng gắn lưng ghế trên xe hơi Baseus Large Garbage Bag

Large Garbage Bag 1 B375Cca1Af2241439E978A854E98171B

Large Garbage Bag 2 0C42Febfce6E4Fafa4Dd914301C0B016

Large Garbage Bag 01 C0338495Bd17408Da0621Db65A39A5D4

Large Garbage Bag 02 8538B7B38428416C83F7F53C82380A61

Large Garbage Bag 03 0058F304E9894F8E9Aa137Bdda00599E

Large Garbage Bag 04 8312D70F5C6644B591Aacd0Af72A36A5

Large Garbage Bag 05 C26Ece7A59174A5488166A8D25254518

Large Garbage Bag 06 A3C894327813413193Fd1Fd6Ff108003

Large Garbage Bag 07 A15C15802D9C4450Be33753B7Ee30B2D

Large Garbage Bag 08 61445B739D6647C488B2Bc61Acc567Df

Large Garbage Bag 09 Fcb425641B0142Ca95D19239B762D2Df

Large Garbage Bag 10 3D1C14C788504A2E99C7Bddc59E85Fa8

Large Garbage Bag 11 5831299331864A10905Ed8D128Ed6D05

Large Garbage Bag 12 29B20F7385394087A7777467Bd2E46B7

Large Garbage Bag 13 19B18Dea8Abd4E7B90B34F03B81Fc781

Large Garbage Bag 14 7A7Aad2B268941Db935B21F4B624E3C5

Large Garbage Bag 15 410C190A45E547279Eb5671718Dcd30A

Large Garbage Bag 16 B5Bfe2B3A4E6495C981F12E679D9Cb68

Large Garbage Bag 17 4Aceb81B084741238736360F0C4C3C60

Large Garbage Bag 18 9E076Fed080F4F9E9A5F341Da3957B74

Large Garbage Bag 19 89C0372458364544B6E891877C9Aa2Ba

Large Garbage Bag 20 670A10C3536F4Feba89673618D54951D

Large Garbage Bag 21 3Cb138Bf2F484142Be7De9698E41B9Dc


Thin and Magnetic opening Soft concealed design and closing leather

Convenient Strong and Hook storage wear resistant design
Soft Leather Handle
Easily Open by Simple Pull
Pull open and easily store garbage without touching enjoy your clean and simple car life from now
Strong Magnetic Attraction
Automatically Close by Simple Push
Push gently to close it automatically through magnetic attraction — save your time and effort
Zero Gap Never Leave Any Odorm .
Strong adsorption with four magnets, automatically blocks the garbage odor — protecting the health/of your family
Metal + PU Leather
Perfect Match with Your Car
Aluminum matte storage opening + light luxury leather aesthetic and elegant
7mm Ultra Thinness
Spacious Enough for Feet
Thinner size and more space
5kg Load Bearing Perfect Storacftaf both Large and Small Car base
Large capacity
Special Garbage Bag
Without additional purchase, exclusive size is just perfect
Hook Design
Easy Installation without
Damaging Interiors
Snap the hook on the backrest of the seat to realize nondestructive installation without leaving any trace
Washing As You Want
No deformation or peeling
The washable canvas lining is matched with high-quality PU leather. Always keep your car clean and tidy
Double Protection
Watertightness Design
Double protection with special inner sleeve + waterproof outer sleeve, no water leakage when washing hands
easily lift the garbage in one go
Name Baseus Large Garbage Bag for Back Seat of Cars
Material Aluminum alloy+PU leather
Color Black/Brown
Suitable for Back seats

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